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Authors Shelf


Welcome to our Author’s Shelf series.

For a show about books, we’ve been pretty shy over the years about having authors on the podcast. It just gets a little awkward, especially when we get to the part of the show with our complaints or criticisms about a book. Tough to do with the author sitting right there! In a rare stroke of genius, we struck upon a better idea: the Author’s Shelf series, in which an author chooses a book for the panel to read and discuss — something that has had an impact or influence on the author.

Thus far, we’ve hosted Brandon Sanderson, Andrew Klavan, David Farland, Brent Weeks, and Larry Correia. It’s been a treat not only to chat with such talented writers, but to get book recommendations that we might otherwise skip over. The books in this series are all worth reading. So go enjoy!

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